There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing your air purifier. You should check the filter type and features you will be provided. Only then you will be able to choose the perfect air purifier for your property. However, there is something a lot of people do not pay attention to. It is choosing the right place for placing the best indoor air purifier. There are various locations in which you can keep it. But choosing the best place would allow you to get the maximum coverage and best results from your air purifier.

Place the air purifier near the source of contaminants

Is there a single source of contaminants in the room where you are placing the air purifier? Have you purchased the air purifier just to eliminate contaminants from that source? In this case, the best thing to do is place it near the source of contaminants. For instance, a lot of people have a litter box for a pet in their home. They may want to eliminate all the contaminants from the particular location. So, you should place your air purifier near the litter box so that it can capture all the contaminants efficiently and can keep the indoor air clean. If you keep the air purifier away from the source of contaminants, it can become difficult for it to capture every single one of the contaminants.

Keep it away from corners

If you place your air purifier in a corner, it can block the free flow of air. If there are any obstructions near the air purifier, the results can be affected. So, you can keep it in a place that does not have any obstructions nearby to get clean air.

Elevate the air purifier

Have you been planning on keeping the best HEPA air purifier for classroom on the ground? This may not be the right thing to do because it will function properly if you keep it around 3 to 5 feet above the ground. This way, you can make sure that it’s completely effective and get the best results. It will not take up a lot of space and will also work efficiently.

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